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4DCP-16, US Air Dust Collector


4DCP-16, US Air Dust Collector

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  • Dust Collector
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  • US Air Dust Collector
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  • 4DCP-16
  • Supplier:
  • A&S Filter Co., Ltd.
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  • 2100


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Each pulse jet dust collector is custom engineered to a specific pressure and air to cloth ratio.

Our cartridge dust collectors feature high efficiency filters important for applications involving toxic dusts or where air is being re-circulated

Our systems are compact compared to the amount of airflow passing through it because of the square feet of filter media in each cartridge which saves space and reduces costs.

We provide high efficiency cleaning nozzles on each collector to lower pressure drop, reduce compressed air consumption, and extend filter life.

Cartridge collectors present minimal safety risks to workers changing the elements because they do not have to enter the collector to remove the filters.  They remain outside in a “fresh air” environment, where their lungs, skin, and clothing have no contact with dust inside the collector.

Our cartridge collectors use non-proprietary replacement parts saving you money on repairs and maintenance.

Pulse jet cartridges can be replaced quickly and easily

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