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About Us

A&S Filter Co., Ltd. specialized in the filtration system of technical research, sales and after sale service work, is a proficient and experienced supplier of filters as well as filtration system technical solution expert. With years of developments and efforts, it has gained popularity in the international market.

We mainly carry hydraulic filters, industrial filters, water filter cartridges, air filters, reverse osmosis filters, reverse osmosis membranes, gas filters, fuel water separators, marine fuel water separators, air compressor filters, diesel filters, fuel filters, oil filters, auto air filters, tractor filters, tractor oil filters, fuel pump filters, asbestos filters, bag filters, dust collectors, dust filters, filter bags, filter papers, filter materials, activated carbon filters, engine filters, pool filters, vacuum filters, furnace filters, tractor filters, ac filters, etc.

Hydraulic Filters: Baldwin hydraulic filters, ARGO hydraulic filters, Purolator hydraulic filters, Parker hydraulic filters, HYDAC hydraulic filters, FRAM hydraulic filters, Fleetguard hydraulic filters, Filtrec hydraulic filters, Fairey arlon hydraulic filters, Donaldson hydraulic filters, Ikron hydraulic filters, Kubota hydraulic filters, Pall hydraulic filters, Massey ferguson hydraulic filters, MAHLE hydraulic filters, SMC hydraulic filters, Vickers hydraulic filters, Sofima hydraulic filters, Hykers hydraulic filters, AirTac hydraulic filters, Yupao hydraulic filters.

Industrial Filters: AirTac industrial filters, Columbus industries filters, Cuno industrial filters, Donaldson industrial filters, EPE industrial filters, Graco industrial filters, Harmsco industrial filters, Hayward industrial filters, HYDAC industrial filters, Mindman industrial filters, Norgren industrial filters, Pall industrial filters, SMC industrial filters, Taisei industrial filters, WLP industrial filters.

Reaverse osmosis Filters: Alsana reverse osmosis filters, AO reverse osmosis filters, APEC reverse osmosis filters, CCK reverse osmosis filters, Culligan reverse osmosis filters, Ecowater reverse osmosis filters, GE reverse osmosis filters, Honeywell reverse osmosis filters, Ispring reverse osmosis filters, Kemflo reverse osmosis filters, Kinetico reverse osmosis filters, Pall reverse osmosis filters, Rainsoft reverse osmosis filters, Siemens reverse osmosis filters.

Air Filters: AAF air filters, AC Delco air filters, Acura air filters, AEM dryflow air filters, aFe air filters, Alen air filters, ATV air filters, Austin air filters, Auto cabin air filters, Baldwin air filters, BMC air filters, Bosch air fil-ters, Bosch cabin air fil-ters, Briggs & Stratton air filters, Car air filters, Denso air filters, Dirt bike air filters, Donaldson air filters, Duramax air filters, Dynamic air filters, Fiberglass air filters, Ford air filters, Ford F150 air filters, FRAM air filters, FRAM motorcycle air filters, Harley-Davidson air filters, Honda Accord air filters, Honda Accord cabin air filters, Honda Civic cabin air filters, Honda CR-V air filters, Honda Odyssey air filters, Honda Fit air filters, Honda Motorcycle air filters, Honda lawn mower air filters, Honeywell air filters, Hyundai air filters, IQAir air filters, ITG air filters, Jeep air filters, John Deere air filters, K&N air filters, K&N Car air filters, K&N motorcycle air filters, Kawasaki air filters, Kubota air filters, Mann-Filter air filters, Mazda 3 air filters, Mazda 3 cabin air filters, Mazda 6 air filters, Mercedes-Benz air filters, Merv air filters, Mini Cooper air filters, Mopar air filters, Motorcraft air filters, Motorcycle air filters, NAPA air filters, Nissan air filters, Parker air filters, Purolator air filters, Racing air filters, Rheem air filters, Subaru air filters, Suzuki air filters, Tecumseh air filters, Therapure air filters, Trane air filters, Trion IAQ air filters, Truck air filters, WIX air filters, Yamaha air filters.

Fuel Filters:Bosch fuel filters, Carter fuel filters, CAT fuel filters, Caterpillar fuel filters, Cummins fuel filters,Cummins 5.9 fuel filters, Cummins 6.7 fuel filters, Delphi fuel filters, Delphi 296 fuel filters, Denso fuel filters, Detroit diesel fuel filters, Dodge Ram fuel filters, Dodge Ram 1500 fuel filters, Duramax fuel filters, Duramax 6.6 fuel filters, Duramax diesel fuel filters, E46 fuel filters, Fleetguard fuel filters, Fram G2 fuel filters, Harley Davidson fuel filters, Hengst fuel filters, Honda accord fuel filters, Honda Civic fuel filters, Honda CR-V fuel filters, Honda Fit fuel filters, Honda Jazz fuel filters, Honda motorcycle fuel filters, Honda Odyssey fuel filters, Honda Outboard fuel filters, Honda Prelude fuel filters, Hyundai Accent fuel filters, Hyundai Elantra fuel filters, Hyundai Santa Fe fuel filters, IS300 fuel filters, Jeep fuel filters, Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel filters, Jeep Wrangler fuel filters,John Deere fuel filters, K&N fuel filters, Kia Rio fuel filters, Kia Sportage fuel filters, Mahle fuel filters, Massey Ferguson fuel filters, Mazda 3 fuel filters, Mazda 6 fuel filters, Mazda 626 fuel filters, Mazda fuel filters, Mercedes Benz fuel filters, Motorcraft fuel filters, Nissan Patrol fuel filters, Nissan Sentra fuel filters, Pajero fuel filters, Perkins fuel filter, Racor fuel filtes, Racor marine fuel filters, Racor S3213 fuel filters, Racor S3227 fuel filters, Separ fuel filters, Suzuki fuel filters, TDI fuel filters, Universal fuel filters, Volvo Penta fuel filters, VW fuel filters, VW fuel filters replacement, Water separating fuel filters, Yamaha fuel filters, Yamaha Outboard fuel filters.

Fuel Water Separators: AirTac fuel water separators, ATLAS COPCO fuel water separators, Baldwin fuel
water separators, BEKO fuel water separators, BOSCH fuel water separators, CAT fuel water separa-
tors, Cummins fuel water separators, Domnick Hunter fuel water separators, Donaldson fuel water sep-arators, Fleetguard fuel water separators, Ford fuel water separators, Ingersoll Rand fuel water separa-
tors, JAGUAR fuel water separators, Leybold fuel water separators, Mindman fuel water separators,
Parker fuel water separators, Perkins fuel water separators, Racor diesel fuel water separators,
Racor fuel water separators, Racor marine fuel water separators, Rexroth fuel water separators,
SATA fuel water separators, SHAKO fuel water separators, SKP fuel water separators, SMC fuel water
separators, SULLAIR fuel water separators, TPC fuel water separators, UNICOM fuel water separators, VOLVO fuel water separators, Yamaha 10 micron fuel water separators, Yamaha fuel water separators.

Dust Collectors: Amano dust collectors, Arrestall dust collectors, Bosch dust collectors, CFM dust collec-tors, DCE dust collectors, DCE unimaster dust collectors, Donaldson dust collectors, Donaldson
Torit dust collectors, Festool dust collectors, Hitachi dust collectors, Rotoclone dust collectors, UAS dust collectors, WAM dust collectors.

Filter Bags: BWF filter bags, Eaton bag filters, Electrolux filter bags, Hayward filter bags, Hepa filter bags, Hoover filter bags, Nomex filter bags, Rosedale filter bags, Filter Papers, 3M filter papers, Advantec filter papers, DNA filter papers, Macherey-Nagel filter papers, Melitta filter papers, Melitta coffee filter papers, Munktell filter papers, VWR filter papers, Whatman filter papers, Whatman glass-fiber filter papers, What-man qualitative filter papers.

Filter Material: DOW filter material, GE filter material, HYDAC filter material, Pall filter material.

Gas Mask: 3M FR-M40 gas mask, 3M gas mask, 3M gas mask filters, MSA advantage 1000 gas mask,
NBC gas mask, NBC gas mask filters.

Our products are extensively used in vehicles to help promote engine hygiene, such as Autos, Truck,
Tractors, Motorcycles, Construction Machineries, Oil Drilling Equipments, Mining Equipments, etc.

Our company can also offer filters according to customer needs, specifications of the required custom. We have a good reputation throughout China and overseas market due to our fine quality, reasonable
price and fast delivery.

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